Lexica™ Word Finder

Our first app, Lexica™ Word Finder, was released on the iOS and Mac App Stores in February 2014. Lexica is a word search utility, supporting the word lists used by Zynga, Inc.'s Words With Friends®, Hasbro, Inc.'s Scrabble® game (with North American and International versions), and ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon). Lexica Word Finder supports Apple® iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, version 10.0 and later, and Apple macOS (formerly Mac OS X), version 10.11 and later.

There are four families of Lexica Word Finder apps, targeted to different lexica (word lists). Click below for more information about each app family.

Lexica Word Finder Pro

Lexica Word Finder for Scrabble®

Lexica Word Finder for Words with Friends®

Lexica Word Finder for ENABLE


There are four ways to search for words:

Below the search bar are four buttons to select the search type. The default search mode is Begins, but you can select a different default search mode in Settings.

In pattern mode, if your letters are ASERDF plus a blank tile, enter 'aserdf@' (without the quotation marks). The pattern search is precise; that is, it will search for words that contain only the letters you specify, and only as many of each you enter. For example, if your letters include a single 'a', only words that contain a single 'a' will be included in the results. So if you have several tiles of the same letter, enter each of them, so that all combinations will be found. Unlike the Begins, Contains, and Ends search modes, the order in which you enter the letters does not matter. If you included one or more blank tiles in your search, the letter(s) corresponding to the blank tile(s) in the results will be red.

The simplest pattern search requires only that you enter the desired letters. Lexica also supports advanced pattern search options to return only the most germane and useful results. You specify the pattern using the pattern text fields that appear as you enter your letters in pattern mode. By default, each pattern field has a ?, which means it will attempt to use any of your letters in that position. If you want all words that start with ‘c’ and use as many of your tiles as possible, type ‘c’ in the first text field. The text fields allow you to refine the results in powerful ways. For example, if you want words where the second letter is ‘a’ and the fourth letter is ‘g’, enter those letters in the respective text fields. If you enter a letter in the last pattern field, Lexica will search for all words using your tiles that end in the specified letter. Any letters specified in the pattern fields will be blue in the results.

If you are interested only in words of a certain length or range of lengths, enter the desired length in the length field (from 2 to 10 in pattern mode, 15 for other modes). You can then choose whether Lexica should return words as long as or shorter than the specified length (≤), exactly that length (=), or that length or longer (≥). If you don’t specify a length, words of all lengths containing the desired letters are shown.


There are six sort options for the search results: A-Z (alphabetical ascending), Z-A (alphabetical descending), Length ↓ (ascending), Length ↑ (descending), Score ↓ (ascending), and Score ↑ (descending). Only the first four of those are available in the ENABLE edition of Lexica. The default sort option is A-Z, and can be changed in Settings. Each of the sorted results have an index along the right side if there are two or more categories of results (e.g., words starting with different letters in alphabetical sorts, and words of different lengths in length sorts).

Word Length

The word lists for Words With Friends and ENABLE editions contains words as short as 2 letters and as long as 28 letters. Most word games, however, only permit words up to 15 letters long due to the board dimensions. By default, only playable words, that is, words with 15 or fewer letters, are shown on the main screen or in search results. If you want all words to be shown in these versions, regardless of length, you can enable "Show unplayable words" in Settings. The word lists for Scrabble (North American and International) do not contain words longer than 15 letters, so this setting is not present.


By default, Lexica will provide word scores in parentheses for the Words With Friends and Scrabble (North American and International) editions, using their respective letter scores, which differ. If you do not wish to see the scores, you can disable "Show word scores" in Settings.

Number of Words

By default, Lexica shows the total number of words in the search results. If you do not wish to see the number of words, you can disable "Show number of words" in Settings.


By default, Lexica will show you the definition of a word simply by tapping on it, provided you have Internet access. If you do not wish to see definitions, you can disable "Show definition on tap" in Settings.